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What Is The Free Drink Card®?
The FREE DRINK CARD® is a revolutionary fundraising tool which partners charities, causes and non-profit organizations along with local restaurants.  In turn, local restaurants build loyal guest and goodwill throughout the community.

How Does It Work?
The Free Drink Card® provides the cardholder (and up to 5 others per visit) unlimited free non-alcoholic beverages, with the purchase of an entrée meal, at participating restaurants Nationwide.  The Free Drink Card® is good for one full year with unlimited use and is renewable annually providing the Cardholder with a lifetime of savings while dining out at their favorite restaurants. To view the extensive array of participating restaurants please visit our Restaurant Directory. Please visit the Directory frequently since new cities and restaurants are added daily.

Simply The Best Fundraiser Ever!
The Free Drink Card® is the world’s ONLY Fundraising Tool on the market which provides your organization with permanent compounding annual residual income, meaning you will sell the Card to the supporter one time and then our state-of-the-art tracking system will automatically generate and email renewal notices upon the Card’s date of expiration.  With the average supporter saving over $300.00 per year it's a no-brainer for them to renew their Free Drink Card® for another year of savings and most importantly provide another year of support to help your organization continue the good work you do.  

The Free Drink Card® Fundraiser Is Hassle Free.
With no money to handle or product to inventory the Free Drink Card® is the most hassle free fundraiser ever.  We create a “Bio Page” for your organization which links directly to your existing website or Facebook page.  Supporters will visit the “Bio Page” to order their Free Drink Card® through the provided shopping cart. Within 10-14 days, just as you would receive debit/credit card, the Free Drink Card® is delivered via First Class Mail to the supporter personalized and embossed with their name and date of expiration.     

No Restaurants in Your Area, No Problem.
Your organization will compile a “Wish List” of 50 or so local restaurants in which you would like to see participate. Within 10-14 days we will have a minimum of 12-15 restaurants whom will be awaiting your supporters to fill their seats with new faces. You will also have access to the vast array of participating restaurants in our Nationwide Restaurant Directory. 

How Does My Charity Get Started?
In order to begin your Free Drink Card® Fundraising Campaign simply fill out the “contact us” form and one of our representatives will contact you within 24-48 hours. 


Free Drink Card, Inc. Mission Statement
Our mission is to bridge the gap between non-profit organizations and charitable minded individuals. We help organizations raise needed funds for their worthy causes and reward those who support them all year long with a savings every time they dine out at a participating restaurant. Our motto is...Give A Little, Save A Lot.