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About Us:

AMERICA’S RED, WHITE, AND BLUE Inc. (America’s RWB Inc) is a non profit corporation building for all veterans – disabled, wounded, or retired – along with warriors, reservists and first responders, a life time support network. America’s RWB Inc. will offer structure, comradery, opportunities, education, activities, programs, job skills training, and employment opportunities. This will help stabilize and maintain a secure and honorable life style that is deserving of the men and woman that help defend and secure the freedom of American’s.

America’s RWB Inc. goal is to enroll members and create a member structure like the family that they use to have while in service. This membership will be one were everyone is their to help each other It is not about who needs help or who is going to give help, because sooner or later we all need help. Whether it is getting the lawn mowed because your mower died, getting that surgery and someone driving you home, or the black hollow day that life seems to be choking your air out, sooner or later we all need help. So lets ban together as a family to finally supply our own life time support structure that no one else can tear apart. We will help veterans obtain as well as provide them with information, activities, education and services that will help them to adjust exiting the armed services and making a smoother transition back to the civilian world. We will supply them with a means to com-moderate with other military personnel, both active and retired . To help them obtain services to maintain any disabilities. From the moment they exit the military, our goal is to support their efforts to live a life of honor and pride that is becoming of their services and the sacrifices they have made for our country. We will obtain this through: comradery with other veterans and active duty military personnel; by supplying them with information and funding to further their education or skills; helping them obtain and maintain housing; help them to obtain and secure employment; help them to obtain medical services due them for their service; help them to obtain healthy life styles by supplying them with the physical and nutritional means to do so; and to help them seek physiological support for the many mental and emotional struggles that are due to their service. America’s RWB Inc. will help military personal that are getting ready to exit the military service, prior to their exit, to obtain the services needed to reach their goals. America’s RWB Inc. will also locate and seek out prior military personal who are struggling due to medical, emotional, physical or mental conditions that are making it difficult to maintain proper and secure life styles that are deserving of their military services.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission: Building a life time support structure that provides security in all areas of life, and brings comradery, recognition, and honor to veterans, warriors, reservists, along with first responders, that protect and keep American’s free.

Use of Funds Raised:

The monies raised from the Free Drink Card Fundraiser will directly benefit military personal who are struggling due to medical, emotional, physical or mental conditions.

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