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About Us:

We are a 501c3 organization operating from Winter Springs, FL that is dedicated to helping to create food, energy, & water systems that work symbiotically with the earth. We do this by traveling to various intentional communities that share our ideals in becoming sustainable and help them to achieve the type of sustainability they are seeking.  We are also currently in the process of creating our own live/work sanctuary for the houseless and sustainable-minded.

Mission Statement:

With the universe as our guide we plan to gather in effort to grow our sustainable-minded collective consciousness that will produce what we consider to be a balanced environment that all species can live harmoniously with.

Use of Funds Raised:

Currently we are working towards creating a sanctuary in Florida for the houseless, seeking to live in a place that embraces and supports their dreams of becoming more consciously sustainable in a community-driven environment.  This type of setting shall also be a learning hub for innovative forms of alternative energy, working with universities with similar goals as well.  Another major part will be our free food forest.  We will dedicate a section of our sanctuary to collectively produce enough produce to keep hundreds fed day in and day out while showing our surrounding communities how to replicate our design in efforts to share what we consider to be the solution to some of our culture’s current issues.  Furthermore hope to be able to create communal events that bring the community together under the influence of the arts and bring about awareness of each others needs to help make a more effectively communicative tribe.  Gather.  Grow.  Produce.  Play.



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