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About Us:

Moving Poets is an international community of artists and creative professionals of different disciplines, cultures and age groups, based in Charlotte, USA (Moving Poets Charlotte) and in Berlin, Germany (Moving Poets Berlin). Moving Poets was founded in Charlotte, NC, USA, in 1996 by actor/director Randell Haynes dancer/choreographer Till Schmidt-Rimpler and NC poet Chuck Sullivan. Since fall 2011 Moving Poets Berlin operates the independent center for art “MoBe“ in Berlin Schöneweide. The “poets” were originally created as a cross-disciplinary dance theater company, with the goal of creating high-quality, multi-disciplinary performing arts, that is meaningful for both the artists and the audience. This still plays an important role today, however, our current goal is to serve as an arts incubator.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to present high quality cross-disciplinary dance theater and serve as a cultural arts incubator, that brings local, national, international artists and creative professionals together, to collectively create new works to be presented to the community.

Use of Funds Raised:

We want to bring local, national and international artists and creative professionals together in one place, opening the possibilities to be inspired, to try unfamiliar paths and to create together and individually new works that can be presented to an interested audience in a relatively relaxed setting. Moving Poets works with both established and unknown artists and creative professionals, especially from the visual arts, dance, theater, music, photography, film and multi-media. We see authenticity, quality, respect and curiosity for others and other views as significant, as well as the willingness for constructive discourse and a welcoming attitude towards the audience.


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