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About Us:

Seeds of Eden, LLC is a non-profit organization that helps those understand your self through new and ancient ways of healing.

Mission Statement:

Here at Seeds of Eden, our hope is to open a facility in which we can create a place of healing. Our mission is to help those who are living with drug and/or alcohol addiction(s) live a sober and full life. Through ancient meditation, and various other techniques, our goal is to open up one’s self awareness and realign the chakras. Having a facility in a judge free environment will allow us to better focus on these individuals. To get them on the right path to self recovery. We start the healing from the inside out, soul, mind and body. Seeds of Eden is dedicated in creating the change we all so desire.

Use of Funds Raised:

Seeds of Eden, LLC is proud to support the community by connecting with one another. we will use the proceeds to open a venue we can all benefit from. we ask for you to donate to help save those who are in need of healing. with your donations the community will come to unity, peace love and happiness. we thank you for your support and donations. one love.


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